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The Art of Singing – Masterclass Bad Saarow with Kirsten Schötteldreier

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Since 2014, the ART OF SINGING masterclass by Kirsten Schötteldreier (vocalcoach) and Susanne Kreusch (organisation) has been held annually at the Eibenhof estate in Bad Saarow.
The course is supported by a team of internationally renowned singers, such as the baritone Thomas Johannes Mayer and, for the fourth time, again this year by the famous helden tenor Burkhard Fritz.

ART OF SINGING is also supported every year by excellent pianists who have made a name for themselves through their work and experience at opera houses such as the State Operas of Munich, Vienna and Berlin. In 2021 we welcome Marcin Kozieł, Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Wien, for the third time and for the first time Pawel Poplawski. He is solo répétiteur and Kapellmeister at the Theater Magdeburg.


We look forward to your participation!


This year, we are looking forward to welcome 10 professional singers, and for the first time also two conductors to a unique combination of voice and breathing techniques, energy work and practical training, in the complete seclusion of the peninsula of the Eibenhof.

The Art of Singing – Masterclass Bad Saarow with Kirsten Schötteldreier

International voice-coach Kirsten Schötteldreier has developed her own method of vocal work, which is a mixture of the holistic approach of Prof. Frederick Hussler, the classical belcanto, energetic breathing and phrasing, with the help of selected Tai Chi and Qi Gong patterns.

This work is supported by daily Qi Gong training, which takes place under the guidance of Qi Gong master Sifu Darryl Collett.
This special energy work is used for thousands of years as a basis for martial arts and ensures a balance of strength, concentration and inner calmness that every artist needs for a successful career.



The Art of Singing – Masterclass Bad Saarow with Kirsten Schötteldreier

ART OF SINGING is aimed at singing students and advanced professional singers who are mainly active in the classical opera, concert and song fields.




We are looking forward to a wonderful master class in summer!


Despite the current uncertainties caused by the existing and changing limitations of the Corona Virus, we have decided to offer this masterclass!
The location “Eibenhof” with its spacious possibilities offers the very best conditions in order to be able to meet prescribed distances. This applies to both the interiors and the generous outdoor areas.
Therefore only active participants and the ART OF SINGING team will be allowed to enter the area of the Eibenhof during the Masterclass.

A negative PCR-test result (not older than 48 hours) must be presented at the beginning of the course.
During the course period we offer two complimentary antigen self-tests per participant.

In this way, we are convinced that the course will be secure for all participants and the team.